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Skin Topical

Skin Topical

Shanaisha's Skin Topical Oil

People roll it over their body to feel refreshed (combination organic oils and menthol).
Headache/fever: By applying a handkerchief wet on the forehead, the cooling effect can be compared to the previously used ice blocks.
Mosquito bites: Many people splash on their body (legs and arms) after mosquito bites. Many splash it on to prevent mosquito bites.
After Shave: It is cool and strong, stronger than an after shave.
After Bath:  is not a long lasting perfumed body lotion. Many people use it after a bath because it feels so nice and invigorating.
Eczema/Psoriasis Proven Results. Works best when paired with our Shea nut body butter 
Massage/Rubbing: It smells healthy.
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